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Top 100: Best Dunks Ever

by 45851.Erik.Sandoval

MY MIX IS NOT NON-NBA cuz in list i got Carter, Deron Washington and James White. They are player in nba at final. Just there is nobody enough for being in this list from nba. Nba is a league which got best basketball players, not best dunkers, this is an another part. 2009'daki son mixim. DOWNLOAD: My first After Effects work had been in 3 months, in Top 100 videos or in another videos something like that i can't show creating and editing at first plan cuz making you not free, because of that, sorry. First 56 seconds: Trailer. I put a lot of in game dunk in mix, all is about over defender like VC on Weis, i think about put it dunks from NBA, but I think it's the most objective making. so it's so rare this dunk on defender dunks. Thats my first AE using because of that, i get ideas from another videos (MTL's some mixes), my aim is not copy. I want to explain that. First time using, so i have some mistakes on mix, sorry for that. Special thanks to: TeamFlightBrothers Hoopmixtape Ballislife GoBasket Flying101




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