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Baby born 19 weeks gestation her mother shares photos of the minutes of his young sons life

by Jennifer

In Indiana, the United States, a woman named Lexi Oliver Fretz, was only 19 weeks gestation when the labor pains started. All occurred on June 14 when she was preparing to go to the wedding of a friend, then Joshua Walter was born small, but unfortunately survived only a few minutes. Lexi, her husband and two daughters both decided to give all the love possible the premature baby, although they knew they would lose. The mother shared image through social networks, something she called the miracle of the "perfect child." "He (Joshua Walter) was born at 9:42 pm and as I passed her cord was cut [...] was perfect. Was fully formed and everything was there, I could see his heart beating in his small chest, "said the woman. "I do not want anyone to bother with what you see," he said, assuring that little was fully formed. Lexi referred to the issue of abortion: "I wish this had not happened, but it happened for a reason. Maybe it was to share with the world how perfect it is a baby, which in many states is abortion legal. " "Just because a child can not be seen by us, does not mean it is a mass of cells. Walter was perfectly formed and was very active in the womb. If I'd had a few more weeks, would have had a fighting chance for life, "he reflected.




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