Strange astrological phenomena for this June 5 and will not happen again

by Apocalipsis2012

There are natural phenomena that occur rarely and when they happen, they become a sensation for those who inhabit this planet. Recently announced that on June 5 this year, something that hardly happens again see ... The planet Venus can be observed due to be aligned with the trajectory of the Earth. According to data published by the newspaper El Mundo, the June 5, 2012, Venus will pass in front of the Sun seen from Earth, producing a figure that probably no one alive to see it again again. As explained, the transits of Venus are very rare as they come in pairs separated by more than 100 years. This transition will happen in June, is the second of a pair that have taken place between 2004-2012, and is said not to be repeated until 2117. Fortunately, the event will be widely visible. Observers in the five continents, and even a small portion of Antarctica, will be in position to see it. The phenomenon will last for seven hours, which will see a black moon 32 times smaller than the Sun, the Moon is the planet Venus. Although less spectacular than an eclipse, the transit of Venus offers a much greater wealth of information for scientists. "For several centuries, the transit of Venus across the Sun is a great time for astronomers and will not be different in 2012, because of this unique opportunity," said Claude Catala, president Parísm Observatory for the RPP site. As this phenomenon occurs twice separated by eight years in a century, before the last time in June 2004, no astronomer living had been studying. After the German mathematician Johannes Kepler predicted the phenomenon, only five alignments of Venus with the Sun have been studied by Western astronomers: in 1639, 1761, 1769 and 1874 and the most recent dating back to 1882. Telling the site To see this phenomenon, experts recommend not to look directly at the Sun Venus covers very little of the solar disk to block the blinding light. Instead, use some type of projection technique or a sunscreen.




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