Scandal in Italy for Berlusconi statue of oral sex

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2. Scandal in Italy has unleashed a half-ton statue of weight entitled "Divine Act" at the former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi having oral sex with apparently the figure of a woman. The statue, created by Russian artist Mikhail Misha Dolgopov shows the figure of the woman performing oral sex on the effigy of Berlusconi. The eccentric millionaire and former Italian prime minister became famous for its parties "Bunga Bunga" and their sex scandals with women. Today the statue is on display at the Italian town of Spoleto as part of an international arts festival. Some have opposed the work because they see sex as something private, while others support the work being exposed as a demonstration of expression of the artist. The work is already cause for jokes, especially for critics of the former prime minister. In the work and have renamed "the ring". For their sex scandals Berlusconi is being investigated for allegedly inducing prostitution to minor known as "Ruby". For now this millionaire Italian character is flooding the front pages of the media for their sex scandals, including this statue.

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