Bon Jovi not dead

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2. Singer-songwriter. Philanthropist. Father. Dead?

Jon Bon Jovi trended worldwide on Twitter today when people thought he was dead. But he is not dead.

A poorly constructed, fake press release got retweeted a whole bunch of times and eventually, talk progressed from his appearance in an Advil commercial to his supposed demise.

Reactions ranged from shock and appreciation for Bon Jovi's work to statements like "Jon Bon Jovi can only be killed by silver bullets" (that one from @Beez_).

No official statement has been issued yet to confirm the death is just a rumor, though a rep is reported to have cleared up the matter, but Bon Jovi would probably say he's far from suffering. Free of pain, even.

"Pain doesn't have much of a place in my life," he says in the Advil commercial. "I check the schedule and it's not on it."

As for the commercial in which he calls himself a father, philanthropist and singer-songwriter, here it is.

UPDATE (7:21 p.m.): Jon Bon Jovi's official Facebook page posted at 7:02 p.m., "'Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey' -jbj. Rest assured that Jon is alive and well! This photo was just taken."

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